Janusz Zakrzewski, Evergreen Solutions and OrCal® won the Agro-Entrepreneur 2021-2022 award

Daily company news, Z życia firmy November 10, 2022

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On 10 August 2022, an award-giving ceremony was held at Belweder, the Residence of the President of the Republic of Poland in Warsaw, for the winners of the Agro-Entrepreneur of the Republic of Poland 2021-2022 Competition. This is the 31st edition of this event, which aims to honour the outstanding individuals and companies that have had a measurable impact on the development and functioning of Polish agriculture. The winners of the competition are a showcase for the Polish agribusiness. We are pleased to announce that Janusz Zakrzewski, the founder of Evergreen Solutions, has been recognised as the Model Agro-Entrepreneur of the Republic of Poland. Janusz Zakrzewski is President and owner of Evergreen Solutions, the OrCal® brand and the FuelCal® technology for the manufacture of products labelled with it.

The winners of the 31st edition of the Agro-Entrepreneur of the Republic of Poland 2021-2022 competition

How to use biomass to produce valuable fertilisers? How to quickly and safely increase the soil pH level by up to one in three months, how to improve the soil structure and increase the humus level by up to 1%, how to unlock the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium stored in the soil for the cultivated plants, how to recover up to 500 kg of macro-nutrients from crop residues, how to improve the management economics and make agricultural production more effective and profitable for the farmer? How to reduce the costs related to the transport of fertilisers? How to keep product prices competitive in the era of rising prices? The selection board judged that Evergreen Solutions can respond to all these questions with one single answer, OrCal®. OrCal® is a product that is being systematically developed, made increasingly available to the farmers, included in educational programmes and aimed at healing of the Polish soil.

We are very pleased that such important institutions have noted the activities of Evergreen Solutions under the leadership of President Janusz Zakrzewski, the value of the OrCal® product and its impact on the development of Polish agriculture. The award was granted by:

– the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

– the National Support Centre for Agriculture

– the Agency for Restructuring and Modernisation of Agriculture

– the Agricultural Social Insurance Fund

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