Result product OrCal®

The end products of the FuelCal® technology are renowned fertilisers or soil conditioners for use in agriculture.

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What is the OrCal® product?

The OrCal® end product

The end products of the FuelCal® technology are renowned fertilisers or soil conditioners for use in agriculture.

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Active calcium hydrate, organic matter, macro-nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium (NPK)…

OrCal® is an advanced, state-of-the-art product with active calcium hydrate, organic matter and its content of natural, easily digestible nutrients, for example: calcium, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sulphur, iron, proteins, amino acids, peptides, oligopeptides or humic acids.

This is why OrCal® has a comprehensive impact:

  • soil deacidification,
  • supplementation of organic matter deficiencies (humus level increase) in the soil, fertilisation,
  • plant nourishment with easily digestible nutrients, macro- and micro-nutrients (N, P, K, Si, Mg, Ca),
  • unlocking of the macro-nutrients in the soil that are not available to plants due do the low pH level,
  • acceleration of crop residue decomposition, resulting in up to 500 kg of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK) intake into the soil

OrCal® – neutralisation of heavy metals

In addition, the OrCal® pHregulator® produced with the WapCal® reagent neutralises heavy metals in the soil! If OrCal® pHregulator® produced with the WapCal® reagent is applied to soils with heavy metal content, heavy metals will be bound to residual forms, that is non-migratory forms, practically insoluble and harmless for the environment and the crops. With this feature, OrCal® pHregulator® can be used not only as soil conditioner, but also to restore natural life in the soil, degraded by the presence of heavy metals. It is also perfect for soil remediation. OrCal® heals the soil!

Quick, effective and safe soil deacidification!

OrCal® deacidifies the soil quickly and effectively. Almost 100 times better dissolution in water than chalk or dolomites. OrCal® pHregulator® is an organic-mineral agent with active calcium hydrate. The essence of OrCal®’s quick and effective action is its active calcium hydrate and solubility in water – 1.7g/1000ml, which is excellent, almost 100 times better than the solubility of calcium carbonates (chalk and dolomites) – 0.02g/1000ml.

Furthermore, it should be remembered that lime (Ca) is not what changes the soil pH. It is the OH- ions, generated during the decomposition of calcium carbonate, calcium hydroxide and calcium oxide, when H+ cations are neutralised, which cause soil acidification.

OH- + H+ = H2O

The OrCal® action rate is due to the shorter reaction of OH- ion formation than in dolomite- and chalk-based calcium fertilisers.

Calcium fertilisers:

CaCO3 + H2O + CO2 = Ca(HCO3)2
Ca(HCO3)2 => Ca++ + 2OH- + 2CO2

The OrCal® product:

Ca(OH)2 => Ca++ + 2OH-

Quick action – results right from the first crop

OrCal®’s quick solubility in water and organic content make it work immediately. The deacidified soil and improved soil structure mean that the effects are visible already in the first crop after application.

OrCal® is a humus generator – excellent for soil fertilisation

The organic matter contained in OrCal® initiates the deacidified soil fertilisation process. This results in a better stimulation of the root system. A well-developed root system enables a more efficient uptake of nutrients and water. Its application stimulates biological life in the soil, the growth of soil microbes, probiotic and photosynthetic bacteria. Applied to crop residues, OrCal® dynamically mineralises the straw, manure, slurry and other organic matter in the soil.

This is how OrCal® works


Quality parameters of an example OrCal® SR pHregulator® product

  • Calcium CaO – 30.97 (% d.m.), after conversion to active calcium hydrate Ca(OH)2 – 42.11 (% d.m.)
  • Calcium Ca – 22.12 (% d.m.)
  • Organic matter – 35.80 (% d.m. at 750°C)
  • Nitrogen N – approx. 1.5 (% d.m.)
  • Phosphorus P – 0.48 (% d.m.), P2O5 – 1.10 (% d.m.)
  • Potassium K – 0.20 (% d.m.), K2O – 0.24 (% d.m.)
  • PH level – 12.6

Data based on test results from the certification records at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. For detailed information on the OrCal® pHregulator® products series, please refer to the product sheets and the marketing authorisations issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

High quality, availability, recognition among farmers and industry professionals

OrCal® is distributed in 1-tonne big bags or in bulk, using dumpers.

Genuine, certified OrCal® series products made with the WapCal® reagent are distributed by Evergreen Solutions Sp. z o.o. The company created a network of professional fertiliser consultants and distributors. It sells nationwide through conventional sales channels and through a proprietary fertiliser exchange for OrCal® producers ( This shortens the supply chains and makes OrCal® available “just in time”. 

OrCal® products are specialised products, approved for marketing by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and with positive opinions of the most important institutions in the country related to the evaluation of products intended for agricultural production.

OrCal® products have won numerous industry awards at national and international trade fairs.

OrCal® is a well-known and appreciated brand. This is proven by the series of awards that have been granted to it and Evergreen Solutions over the years. Every award and recognition is distinction is a source of great satisfaction and feeling that all we do for Polish agriculture is appreciated and purposeful.

However, our greatest reward are the positive opinions and thousands of satisfied farmers, who return for OrCal® products to use them again on their farms.

The following are examples of the awards won by OrCal® and Evergreen Solutions:

The Cup of the Managing Director of the National Support Centre for Agriculture
The 16th Regional Agricultural Trade Fair in Bielice
The Golden Crane of Agriculture at the Central Agricultural Trade Fair
The Main Award of Raport Rolny
The Cup of the Administrator of the Płońsk Commune at the 20th Masovian Agriculture Days
Best Product in the means of production category at Agropomerania 2019

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The end products of the FuelCal® technology are renowned fertilisers or soil conditioners for use in agriculture.

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