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Evergreen Solutions is a Polish company with the registered office in Pyrzyce near Szczecin.

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Evergreen Solutions is a Polish company with the registered office in Pyrzyce near Szczecin.

The people, who create it, have been working in the field of waste management and processing into end products of the OrCal® series for 15 years. If you do not know what to do with biomass, do contact Evergreen Solutions and benefit from its many years of experience.

With the patented FuelCal® technology, compliant with the Waste Act of 14 December 2012, it can convert virtually any biomass into a marketable product using a process that is safe for the environment. In the landmark year 2007, the first product of the OrCal® series was developed. Since then, more than a dozen systems have been built that process waste and produce fertilisers and soil conditioners of the OrCal® and OrCal® pHregulator® series.

They have processed several hundred thousand tonnes of waste.

This prevented them from being released into the environment in their raw, harmful form. On the contrary, they were converted into safe fertilisers for use in food production in an eco-friendly process.

For several years, the technology has been continuously improved, achieving increased efficiency and cost-efficiency and making the OrCal® series products even more modern and effective.

The popular “Orcals” are known to most farmers as products for soil deacidification and fertilisation and plant nourishment with macro-nutrients content (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium).

An additional advantage is the capacity of OrCal® (after sowing in the field) to bond with the residual forms (non-migratory, not taken up by plants) of the heavy metals deposited in the soil. The OrCal® product is highly regarded by farmers that won several industry awards. The entities that produce OrCal® from waste offer a renowned product, which is in demand on the agricultural market.

In addition to building systems in the FuelCal® technology, Evergreen Solutions also distributes OrCal® series products.

The OrCal® and OrCal® pHregulator products can only be produced using the FuelCal® technology, in accordance with the patent no. p.229206 “Fertiliser with controlled nutrient release, production method of the fertiliser with controlled nutrient release and application method of the fertiliser”, using the WapCal® reagent, compliant with the R292513 standard and license granted to the manufacturer by the Licensor.

The FuelCal®, OrCal®, WapCal® and pHregulator® trademarks are registered with the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland, protected by patent law.

The exclusive owner of the FuelCal® technology and the OrCal® trademark protected by the protection certificate no. R.201198 in Poland and no. 014917108 in the EU, as well as the FuelCal® trademark submitted for protection to the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland under no. Z.466510, is Janusz Zakrzewski, President of the Management Board and owner of Evergreen Solutions.

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The end products of the FuelCal® technology are renowned fertilisers or soil conditioners for use in agriculture.

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