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How does Evergreen Solutions work?

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Evergreen Solutions is implementing its innovative and patented FuelCal® technology, which enables fully converting any biomass into full value marketable products of the OrCal® and OrCal® pHregulator® series. In the facilities, in which waste is produced, systems are built to convert it into the end product…

Some think our role ends here. Not really. In addition to the waste management solution, we provide the customers with much more – an end-to-end collaboration system based on a proven business model.

Design assumptions for the FuelCal® system – important

The first important matter is to develop project assumptions. It is very important that the designed FuelCal® system solve fully defined waste management problems, which until now have been connected only with trouble and costs. The producer’s liability for waste, high disposal costs, storage prohibition or restrictions, odour nuisance, hazard to humans and the environment, high risk related to waste transport.

These are only some of the problems haunting the people responsible for waste management in a company, institution or local government unit. We know how to solve these problems.

Collaboration with the customer during the FuelCal® project

We are fully aware of the purpose of our joint action with the customer. This is why we are actively involved in performance consultations at the design and implementation stage.

How high the roof so that a handler can load a dumper during the rain, what kind of manoeuvring area so that five lorries can wait in line, what placement of the packaging system so that the packaging does not interfere with other processes, what kind of handler, what placement of the “clean” and “dirty” areas, handler and stacker router optimisation… All that needs to be planned.

OrCal® product certification

During the course of the project, when it is already possible, we sample the product and, in agreement with the customer, we conduct the entire end product certification process by contacting several institutions and entities, untl the decision is issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

OrCal® and OrCal® pH regulator® product preparation for sale

In parallel, we provide training on the production, product preparation for sale and collaboration with Evergreen Solutions in distribution of the OrCal® products collected from the facility. In the area of influence of the facility, information and marketing activities are pursued, aimed at farmers and agriculture-related entities. Depending on the assumed form of collaboration between Evergreen Solutions and the production facility, a marketing resources database can be made available to support local activities. By using the OrCal® brand, production facilities benefit from the nation-wide activities of Evergreen Solutions included in the OrCal® brand-building strategy in Poland.

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The end products of the FuelCal® technology are renowned fertilisers or soil conditioners for use in agriculture.

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